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Soho House, solo pop-up in partnership with Red Church Street Studio in Shoreditch for International Women's Day, March 2023

Saatchi & Saatchi, exhibiting with BBH, February 2023

Soho House, solo pop-up in partnership with White City Studio for Valentines, February 2023

Peckham Pelican, 'Zeitgesit Truths', January 2023
Soho House, solo pop-up in partnership with Brixton Studio, December 2022

ARC Club Camberwell, curated 11 artists and organised the 'Summer Social', August 2022

Lady Long Solo, 'For the Female', August 2021


Monika Radojevic, 'Mansplainer' print, Dec 2022


Isabella Vrana, Tee collab, Oct 2022

Lalala Let Me Explain, 'Breadcrumb Boy' for patrons, July 2022

AKQA & Decentral Art Pavilion, 'The 5% Gender Agenda', on panel with Rhian Lewis, Nadieh Bremer and others, June 2022

Adam & Eve DDB, 'She Takes Over Campaign', March 2022

Jeyetna, 'Portrayal of Periods' piece, March 2022

Vodafone Foundation, 'Vodafone Business World Wildlife Auction' for WWF, March 2021

The Inside Out Series, Mental Wellness podcast series, December 2020-March 2021

We Love Women Theatre, 'All Of Us Want Something To Get Over', with Vogue Giambri at the Bread and Roses Theatre, London, February 2020

Bloody Good Period, 'Sasha Has 2 Regrets', November 2019


Hey Girl Magazine, 6th edition, coming soon. 

ARC Club Camberwell, 'Local Spotlight : Boo Bruce-Smith', June 2022

Idle Chit Chat, 'Patriarchy, Periods, and Paris : All in a day's work for illustrator Aliomalley', 2020

Tmrw Magazine, 'Get To Know : Insta Artist @Aliomalley_', 2020

Jam Juice Mag, 'About the Artist, Aliomalley', 2020. 

Jam Juice Mag, 'Art 4 Activism', 2020. 

Empower Her Voice, 'EHV x the arts : A Conversation with Artist, Aliomalley', 2019.

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